Monday, February 28, 2011

E.T. Is Back and He's Going to Mess You Up


Charlie Sheen is nuts I guess, but he says things that are funny.  Here are some of his crazier quotes as told by bunnies.  Mel Gibson quotes with kittens is even better but I refuse to link it here because of the way it depicts kittens.

From Buzz Feed.

BOOM! Explosive Artwork by a Man Named Farto

Aptly named Aleandro Farto creates etchings on walls using explosives.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Fearless Burrito

The newest in a series of great illustrated stories by Allie Brosh.  Enjoy.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lazy Painting

This is brainless but it looks cool.  I guess this guy defines art as empty-headed ideas that accidentally look neat.  The music was nice so I watched the whole thing. It kind of looks like what I leave next to my food dish when I eat too fast.  Do you think I could sell that?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Finish Him!

Thanks to The Awesomer.

Allen! Allen!.... Al, Allen!

Pfffsssst (mild contempt) - whatevs...

So, some cat claims to have the loudest purr.  It's something like 80 decibels.  I hit 90 on a bad day. 

Boom! game face.

Thank you Neatorama via Arbroath.

Lions Totally Dissed by Humans

In the following video, three Dorobo hunters approach a dead wildebeast being eaten by a pack of lions.  The lions, appalled by the hunters' audacity, back off and watch bewildered.

The clip is from a show on the BBC called Human Planet which focuses on the relationship between humans and nature.  If you ask me, this relationship needs some counseling.

My favorite part of this clip is the look on the lion's face when he sees these three skinny dudes approaching. 

Jaw dropping:  "I wish I were still hungry, it would be wicked badass to eat those guys right now."

Thanks to Neatorama.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Later this spring, Haverhill native, Rob Zombie, will start principal photography on his newest project "Lords of Salem."  In an interview with Empire magazine, Zombie calls Lords of Salem "the bleakest" of his films.

Inspired by the Salem witch trials, the film won't be a period piece, but will sport a prologue set in 1692. "There were twenty people that everyone knows about - obviously all innocent - executed as witches in Salem," explains Rob. "The basic premise of the film is that there were a further four who actually were witches, who were killed secretly, and vowed one day to return to wreak havoc on Salem's descendants. That's when the movie jumps ahead to the present day and things start to go wrong..."
Sounds like a blast. 

I wonder if there is any room for a black cat in this film.  I can do bleak, my range is ridonculous. 

Boom! melancholy.


Banksy is a street artist who has become quite famous due to his ballsy stencil graffiti style guerilla art.  A jumble of some of his greatest accomplishments can be seen here.

In a recent episode of the Simpsons a Banksy created "couch gag" (opening sequence) was shown.

The Simpson's tried to stay as close to Banksy's original storyboard as possible.  The following is the storyboard Banksy sent to the Simpsons:

Fox standards and practices weren't fully cooperative but the Simpson's claim that 95% of Banksy's original idea was left in.

The Art of the Nap

Shape, color, position, location - the 4 fundamental elements needed to create the dramatic tableau known as the afternoon nap.

A collection of sleeping animals.