Thursday, May 19, 2011

Killer Kitties

Everyone knows the Sopranos and the Corleones, but did you know there are cat mafia families too?  The cosa nostra of the feline world is run by a close knit team of confident cats that will not take no for an answer. They have no problem letting you sleep with the fishes.  Though, more often than not, they would rather be the ones sleeping next to fish.

The Felingo Family: Run by Fernando Felingo, the capifamiglia, Fernando and family
have been controlling the catnip smuggling trade in the Northeast for the last 20 years.
Ox: Sniffer; he tests the goods and secures overseas shipments.
Skinny Joe: Veteran member and "Disposal" Expert
Smart Guy Dom - Dominick Weiss: Family lawyer and consigliere.
Crazy Eyes Pete: Instigator and message sender.
Anthony "Tony Tunacans" Gigante: Underboss
Red Salerno and the Prosciutto Boys before the 1999 Floating Feather Massacre.
Vinny Two Eyes: Monitors "situations."
Freddie "Fancy Feast" Furino: Known for never leaving a crumb of evidence.
Greasy Nose - Jake Basciano: Local hooligan in the know.  Provides
the family with useful information for a couple of bones.

Thanks to Dark Roasted Blend for the pictures.

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