Monday, June 6, 2011


This is fantastic.  Rather than just admitting she made a mistake while referring to Paul Revere's history (while visiting Paul Revere's house with the media) in a brief interview, Sarah Palin defends herself on Fox News citing "gotcha" journalism. I love how Chris Wallace laughs in her face at the end.

In a ridiculous attempt to change history in Palin's favor, her brilliant supporters took to Paul Revere's Wikipedia page to make revisions. (Wikipedia revision history)

This is quite sad but it is a glimpse of the future.  Soon America will have an illiterate former beauty queen as its president.  Thank goodness she has such a close relationship with Russia.  I'm sure all of that foreign relations experience will get the US economy back on track...   I for one, will welcome a new simpleton as president and her patriotic stance to acheive such new and exciting things as "securing our freedoms" and "warnin' us with bells" if anybody is planning on "takin' away our arms."  I sure as hell don't want anybody takin' my arms or my legs for that matter.

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