Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Boxing A Bear

Before WWE or WCW the only entertainment in fighting was bear boxing.  At the time, few knew the fights were fixed and semi-choreographed.  Here's an example from a fight between boxer Gus Waldorf and Mr. Bear.  In this fight, it's Mr. Bear's turn to win:

"Alright let me get my balance here. Wait, hey don't start yet."

"Alright, I'm up on two legs, check it out Gus.  Ow! Careful,
you're going to crack my sternum dude. Cripes!"

"Oof, take your time, sit down and catch your breath. 
I'm sweating my balls off over here."

"Why are you hitting yourself!? Ha, psych! Just messin'
with you.  We're cool bro."

"Okay, here I come with the finishing blow. Make it look real." 

"Crap, Dude, are you okay? Sorry."

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