Friday, September 2, 2011

Badass One-Woman Version of Feel Good, Inc. By The Gorillaz

Created by Youtube user BehindThoseEyes13.

Here is the original track featuring De La Soul.

As far as covers go, I'd say BehindThoseEyes13 did a rather respectful job, considering what could have happened.  For example, perky pop star Hillary Duff decided to go all non-conformity and show her self-destructive teen angst side at a concert in 2003 with her cover of the classic Who anthem "My Generation."  The problem with the cover was that she was and still is a terrible human being and moreover an awful entertainer.  How could anyone be so unjust to the greatest rock and roll band ever? Here's the proof.  Don't even watch it, just trust me.

This is how the song is supposed to be played:

No contest.

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