Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Terrible Person of the Day...Week... Year .....

Preparing a meal good is supposed to be something you enjoy and share with others.  It turns out the business of cooking may be one of the most selfish things ever.  Enzo Pereda, a 6-year old cancer patient and Food Network fan, loved to watch The Barefoot Contessa cooking show with his mother from his sickbed.  So, when he was given the opportunity by The Make-A-Wish Foundation, he wished to cook with Ina Garten, the shows host.  The Foundation called Ina and she immediately denied the wish saying she couldn't make the time due to her busy book tour.  When Make-A-Wish returned to Enzo with the bad news he insisted on waiting until she was available.  Again Ina's time was requested and again she denied a 6 year old cancer patient because of her "hectic schedule."

There's enough denim here to clothe Chuck Norris and the entire cast of Walker Texas Ranger for the rest of their lives.

It turns out Fatface McGee here found out everyone heard about here disgusting behavior and has invited little Enzo to the Food Network studios.

Let me ask you this: what kind of a schedule can a repulsive monstrosity like Garten have?  Seriously.  She cooks.  In all honesty I cannot cook, but that's because I have four paws and I'm covered in hair.  Though I will give Ina a little slack, cooking with hooves must take up some time.  Also, who the hell is looking for Ina Garten anyway?  Is she so famous that people are knocking down doors to meet her? Just the fact that someone was given the opportunity to ask for whatever they wanted and they chose to meet her is amazing.  She should feel honored.  That she has just now come around to inviting the kid is even worse.  The bad press scared her and now she's in clean up mode. 

A more appropriate moniker for her would be Arounda Garden.  There's no way this beast fits inside a garden.

She reminds me of that song by Lionel Ritchie: "Your once, twice, three times a la.... oh wait, four times, five times ...... ten times a lady?! Uh oh, I wish I hadn't gone to the end of that rainbow.  Oof."

Here's Ina swimming with her own kind.

By the way, Enzo never complained.  He's 6.  He just didn't understand why Ina didn't want to meet him.  Enzo is my hero.

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